Really amazing work!
You show Birds in a new creative way :)
Kathleen Cunningham(non-registered)
I'm captivated by the feather details of the green heron......beautiful!
Jeff Norberry(non-registered)
Is it possible you'll be posting the shots from the botanical garden from the other day? Laura told me about the Chihuly exhibit and the luminarias. And the birds on the path. Any good shots? (stupid question)
Lisa T(non-registered)
Beautiful photos!
I enjoy the variety of subjects, and the feeling evoked by your work. Looking forward to seeing more! Thank you.
Margaret Barber(non-registered)
Mr Audubon would be delighted and very jealous! I really enjoy looking at all your photos, please keep them coming.
laura portz(non-registered)
Suddenly it is noticeable that birds' wingtips, when landing or taking off, are like fingers--there are five of them. The Great Blue herons may have six? Or more? The triplets are other-worldly. Who sees this kind of wildlife close up to find birds so stimulating, such marvels?
The six photos in sequence of the egret dance are beautiful. Do they squawk at one another in this ritual?

Looking forward to more birds.
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